Our Story

Back in 1988 Ben Lancaster, Craig Brown and Dean Ambrosini found common ground in skateboarding. In between hurtling down stairs, drains and roads, we started tossing the idea around about starting our own skateboard company.

We named it Lanbrohini. We never got it going.

But in 2012, Lanbrohini finally happened. After nearly 20 years apart, we found that we still wanted to make skateboards. But not just any crap, We wanted to make great-quality, well-made skateboards.

We take a lot of pride in our boards. They're tough, well-made and excellent value. We know our boards aren't the cheapest on the market, but we also know they're some of the best.

Our boards are designed in Australia and constructed in Canada, from the freshest high-quality Canadian rock-maple and high grade glue designed specially for skateboarding.